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PETG Fabricators

The team at JC Finley are PETG fabricators specializing in PETG machining, PETG fabrication, and PETG distribution. As a PETG fabricator and PETG manufacturing company, we’ve been providing quality and specialized service to all of our customers in need of PETG plastic. Not sure where to begin? Contact our team to get started. As our saying goes, if you can dream it, JC Finley can make it.

PETG Attributes

PETG is one of the most common injection or vacuum molded thermoplastics due to its strength, sturdiness, and low melting point. Because of its inherent low-molding temperature qualities, PETG fabricating and PETG machining is a relatively simple process for PETG fabricators like JC Finley. PETG products, such as reusable Nalgene bottles, are lightweight and impact-proof and an unsurprising favorite among hikers and other outdoorsmen and women. PETG is chemical resistant and easy to clean which allows it to be a cheaper and safer alternative to glass in hospital and laboratory settings.

In recent years, engineers have recognized that PETG filament can be an excellent 3D print material for many of the aforementioned attributes. PETG filament is extremely tough, boasts a very low shrinkage rate, and produces a smoother finish than other commonly-used filaments (ABS or PLA, for example). Engineers, designers, and artists have used PETG to 3D print anything from jewelry to electronic components to medical equipment.

PETG Description

Polyethylene terephthalate glycol (or PETG) is a thermoplastic polyester known for its strength, resilience to chemicals, and low thermoform temperature. PETG is a derivative of PET plastic (the most commonly used plastic in the world) and is formed by adding glycol to the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) chemical formula. PETG is significantly more durable than PET plastic.Because of its strength, durability, and relative low cost, PETG is a common material for reusable and one-time use water bottles as well as storage bottles in laboratory and medical settings

Since it can be formed and molded at a temperature lower than that of comparable materials, PETG is an excellent material for vacuum forming, pressure forming, and PETG fabrication, especially in intricate product designs that require complex cuts or deep draws.

Because of its high susceptibility to weathering, PETG is not typically used in outdoor applications. And because it can scratch relatively easily, it is not ideal for high contact or high traffic environments.

For PETG distribution and sales, the material is typically sold by the sheet and is cut to size. PETG is available in a variety of thicknesses, colors, and opacities as well. If you’re in need of PETG or PETG fabrication, contact the JC Finley team to get started.

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