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Kynar Fabricators

The team at JC Finley are Kynar fabricators specializing in Kynar machining, Kynar fabrication and Kynar distribution. As a Kynar fabricator and Kynar manufacturing company, we’ve been providing quality and specialized service to all of our customers in need of Kynar plastic. Not sure where to begin? Contact our team to get started. As our saying goes, if you can dream it, JC Finley can make it.

Kynar Attributes

Kynar is known for its superior strength, durability, and resistance to chemical corrosion and damage. And despite its unmatched strength and sturdiness, JC Finley Kynar and PVDF are extremely lightweight, flexible, and virtually unsusceptible to stress cracking. Kynar has remarkable tensile strength and abrasion resistance. Kynar is flame retardant and possesses remarkable UV stability. It is one of the purest synthetic materials on earth and 100 percent recyclable. Because of its low permeability and resistance to wear and weathering, JC Finley Kynar is used frequently in marine applications, chemical tanks, or outdoor structures.

Kynar Description

Kynar, or specifically Kynar 500, is Arkema’s trademarked brand of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin. Though technically specific to one brand of polyvinylidene fluoride in particular, the name “Kynar” is conversationally (and inaccurately) used to describe all types of polyvinylidene fluoride resins (similar to how the word “Q-Tip” is used to describe all cotton swabs or “Kleenex” with facial tissues).

One of the world’s toughest and purest synthetic materials, PVDF is a semi-crystalline high-performance thermoplastic known as a fluoropolymer. By definition, a fluoropolymer is a plastic that has multiple carbon-fluoride bonded sections per molecule. Typically used as industrial coatings, fluoropolymers are highly resistant to chemical abrasions and damage (perhaps the best known example of a fluoropolymer is Teflon or polytetrafluoroethylene).

Similar to Teflon, Kynar is generally used as a coating material when an object, usually metal, needs to be more durable and/or resistant to chemicals or weathering. A metal roof, for instance, might be coated in a thick layer of Kynar 500 to increase durability, maintain color vibrancy and gloss, and prevent instances of corrosion and weathering. Extremely easy to clean and maintain, roofs coated in Kynar are highly resistant to sun fading, mildew, grime, and other aspects that might negatively affect the roof’s appearance.

Regarding Kynar fabrication and Kynar machining, Kynar can be precisely converted and bonded with relative ease by experienced Kynar fabricators like JC Finley. In terms of Kynar distribution and sales, the material is generally sold in cut-to-size sheets or rods of varying thicknesses and is available in several grades depending on the application(s) for which it will be used. For more on Kynar fabrication applications, contact the plastics experts at JC Finley.

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