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Fiberglass Grating Fabricators

The team at JC Finley are fiberglass grating fabricators specializing in fiberglass grating machining, fiberglass grating fabrication, and fiberglass grating distribution. As a fiberglass grating fabricator and fiberglass grating manufacturing company, we’ve been providing quality and specialized service to all of our customers in need of fiberglass grating plastic. Not sure where to begin? Contact our team to get started. As our saying goes, if you can dream it, JC Finley can make it.

Fiberglass Grating Attributes

Molded fiberglass grating is known for its remarkable strength to weight ratio (exceeding that of even steel) and its resistance to corrosion and weathering. Because it is so light in weight, JC Finley’s fiberglass grating is extremely easy to transport and install as compared to steel options. And because of its unique, gridded design, fiberglass grating offers equal strength in all directions unlike metal options which have inherent points of weakness. Fiberglass grating is slip resistant, impact resistant, and fire resistant and requires little to no maintenance. Fiberglass grating is an excellent, safe, and cost-effective solution for a number of applications.

Fiberglass Grating Description

Molded fiberglass grating is a viable, safer, and more economic alternative to metal grating systems that can be used in a wide variety of industrial or commercial applications. JC Finley’s fiberglass grating possesses a strength to weight ratio much higher than metal grating options and provides unparalleled bi-directional strength that metal grating systems, by design, cannot. Furthermore, molded fiberglass grating, unlike metal grating, is substantially more resistant to corrosion, staining, and weathering over time. It is built to last a long time without buckling, bowing, or showing signs of wear and tear.

Fiberglass grating is simple to install and can be cut to fit in and around spaces much easier than metal systems. When you factor in the costs of materials and installation, you’ll see that fiberglass grating systems are far more economical than metal options. In addition, because of its inherent flexibility as compared to steel grating, fiberglass grating minimizes worker fatigue by providing a more ergonomic and comfortable walking or standing surface. Fiberglass grating fabrication and fiberglass grating machining can be conducted by experienced fiberglass grating fabricators with relative ease compared to steel options.

In terms of fiberglass grating distribution and sales, fiberglass grating is typically sold in standard size sheets and is available in a variety of thicknesses, grades, mesh configurations, textures, and colors. To find out how fiberglass grating fabrication might be a fit for your project, contact the JC Finley team.

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