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Acrylic Twinwall Fabricators

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Acrylic Twinwall Fabricators

The team at JC Finley are acrylic twinwall fabricators specializing in acrylic twinwall fabrication, acrylic twinwall machining and acrylic twinwall distribution. As an acrylic twinwall fabricator, we’ve been providing quality and specialized service to all of our customers in need of acrylic twinwall plastic. Not sure where to begin? Contact our team to get started. As our saying goes, if you can dream it, JC Finley can make it.

Acrylic Twinwall Attributes

Certainly the most significant and key attribute to acrylic twinwall panels is their strength and stability. Twinwall panels are impact and weather resistant and their two-panel design provides natural insulation for greenhouses and other outdoor structures. Though tough and sturdy, even twinwall panels can be bent, curved, or altered to fit any design (with the assistance of someone experienced in acrylic twinwall fabrication and/or acrylic twinwall machining, of course). Twinwall panels are approximately 12 times lighter than glass, relatively inexpensive, and can be implemented by even the most novice of DIY-ers. For greenhouses specifically, twinwall panels let in adequate sunlight throughout the day while blocking out harmful UV radiation.

Acrylic Twinwall Description

Sold primarily in large panels, acrylic twinwall is a sturdy, two-panel sheet of acrylic commonly used in greenhouses and other outdoor structures requiring sunlight and UV protection. The two panels are affixed to one another by way of perpendicular strips of acrylic that create open-air channels throughout the material. The unique design allows for added stability, durability, and insulation. The individual channels inside the panels also allow for insulated piping should your project require it.

Unlike single-panel acrylics which have degrees of flexibility and give, twinwall acrylic panels are designed to maintain structural integrity and withstand the elements. In terms of acrylic twinwall distribution and sales, panels are sold mostly in 4’x8’ sheets, but can be cut to size fairly easily. Twinwall sheets are available in a variety of thicknesses, grades, colors, and tints. And aesthetics aside, each variation comes with its own advantages depending on the application for which it’s being used. If you aren’t sure which style of twinwall is best for your project, you’ll want to consult with one of our acrylic twinwall fabricators and plastics experts.

Twinwall panels are produced through a technique known as “extrusion” through which melted thermoplastic is forced into a mold, hardened, extracted, and cut to size. Generally, twinwall panels can be installed or added to a project fairly easily with the right tools and installation accessories. Of course more complex endeavors may require professional assistance.

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